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congenial (adjective)
1 a) pleasant, especially: agreeably suited to one’s nature, tastes, or outlook; b) sociable, genial; c) existing or associated together harmoniously
2 having the same nature, disposition, or tastes: kindred

Laboratory for Congenial Intelligence (L4CI) is a private research lab focused on creating intelligent systems that can seamlessly integrate into daily human lives. With 20+ years of experience of research & development in both academia and industry, we have expertise in core technologies such as robotics and biomechanics/physiology, as well as education, music and travel.

We believe that solving two problems are critical for achieving our goal: how to understand human and how to act upon human. Current “intelligent” systems often solve one or both of these problems in a wrong way, and result in frustrating or even harmful experience for humans.

Understanding human means that an intelligent system knows the internal state of the human it is interacting with. What is easily observable from outside often does not tell the full picture of what is going on inside a human. Our expertise in biomechanics and physiology helps systems obtain a deeper understanding of human without being intrusive.

Given the internal state, the next question is how to act upon the human. The action can take many different forms: they can be only verbal as in smart speakers, can also include physical actions as in robots, or can take more complex and subtle forms as in education and experience. Our expertise covers the action side to the maximum extent possible: 1) we have extensive research experience in a number of areas of robotics including physical human-robot interaction, 2) our experience in education in various capacities can help introduction of technology into education as well as STEM curriculum development, and 3) we can help enhancing personal experience through music and travel by providing affordable options accessible for everyone.

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