If you have a research problem that matches our expertise and skills, we are here to help! We are happy to work in any form that is convenient for you, but here are some suggestions. Please get in touch to discuss your needs and obtain a quote.


As a collaborator

Our most preferred form is to join your research team as a collaborator from the planning phase. If this is an externally-funded project, we can take advantage of our extensive experience in proposing projects to funding agencies and corporate management.

As a contractor

We can also work on a part of your existing project as a contractor. Preferably the task includes a challenging research element with potentially novel contributions to the field.

As a consultant

We are well connected to a vast network of researchers around the world. We can help you learn the state-of-the-art and connect with prominent researchers in a particular field.

As a software engineer

We do have experience in developing production-level software. If you need a specific piece of software for your project such as an API library and online user study, we are in it too!

Education, Music, and Travel

Finally, we also have experience with things that directly improves people’s quality of life:

  • Education
    • Speaking or writing engagement for promoting STEM
    • STEM curriculum development
  • Music
  • Travel
    • Planning and arrangement of STEM- and music-themed trip
    • Travel booking using miles/points



uDIMS is a proprietary API library for dynamics analysis and simulation of robot systems. While a number of open-source and commercial physics engines are available now, most of them are not suitable for robotics applications because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • focus on computation speed and visual plausibility rather than physical accuracy
  • usage of maximal coordinate system typically used in computer graphics
  • parameters with little physical meaning and difficult to tune
  • file formats incompatible with popular robotics software such as ROS
  • complex data structure and API

Features of uDIMS include:

  • focus on physical accuracy, especially in contact dynamics
  • choice of multiple forward dynamics algorithms developed in the robotics community
  • parameters with clear physical meaning and easy to tune
  • ROS and Python3 interfaces
  • simple, low-level API that allows adjustment of every simulation setting


Downbeat is an open-source online conference system tailored to remotely conducting music rehearsals. It solves the issues with using off-the-shelf teleconference systems (e.g. Zoom) for music rehearsals without relying on specialized hardware. The features include:

  • Minimum latency and high-fidelity sound by using a dedicated signaling server and turning off all audio processing
  • Two preset views for different roles:
    • Conductor: players displayed in the large center area as grid
    • Players: conductor displayed in the large center area; other players at the bottom
  • Automatic sync/merge of conductor/player videos + instant replay of the merged video
  • Conductor can share audio from a file (e.g. to play along)
  • Conductor can adjust the player feed layout by drag-and-drop (e.g. to match the standard orchestra layout)
  • Different layouts available from one-to-one lesson to a full orchestra up to 60 players


Pricing can be either per time (hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly) or per project.